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If you are a practitioner, you know what your most important assets are - time and energy.

Youch! is the practitioner's source for affordable and efficient medical transcription services created with your busy schedule in mind. We are driven by quality and customer satisfaction, both of which we guarantee.

  • Confidentiality. Our state-of-the-art system ensures the security of your patient files and information. We limit secure access to authorized personnel, require routine changes of passwords to access our computers and servers and utilize 128 bit SSL technology. All of our employees must sign a confidentiality agreement.
  • Accuracy. Is ensured by our highly skilled transcriptionists and our thorough Quality Inspection team.
  • Speed. We offer a variety of turnaround times, including STAT, and we never miss a deadline. We are committed to offering an easy, efficient system in which practitioners can get their dictation transcribed and back within the selected turn around time.

Ensures you will always have access to your information 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer our exclusive "Talk & Dock" web-based software that is the basis for uploading dictation and downloading transcription all with a single click. Youch! transcription services include history and physical, operative reports, consultations, progress notes and SOAP notes to name a few. We accept inputs from digital voice recorders, preferably Olympus.

is based on the character count of the document transcribed, ensuring you pay only for what was transcribed. All clients receive a once a month billing.

License to use our exclusive "Talk & Dock" software, receiving dictation sound files, transcribing to a text file downloading text file, history, archive along with many other features. We also track and monitor all transcription orders, assigning each file a unique ID. We offer customized formatting services at no charge - including bolding, underlining or italicizing text at your request.

All of our services have been designed with one thing in mind, efficiency.  How to make the whole dictation/transcription process more efficient? Each of our processes & features have been physician inspired, physician tested and finally physician approved.
My sister is a physician. For years she lamented about the state of transcription, the cost, the speed, there had to be a better way and thus, Youch! was born. With the constant cries of "No physician will use it unless it's easy", "One Click!, no more than one click!", "My energy is directed towards patient care, don't make me think about transcription", "You are wasting your time if it doesn't lower the cost", "Fast, I need it back faster".  Is just a sample of what went into creating Youch! as it is now.  We are constantly seeking new more efficient and cost effective ways to improve our service to you. New features and services are inspired by physicians, developed by Youch! tested by my sister, and if the service/feature was finally physician approved, know that it came though rigorous testing in the real world before being released to you, not to mention the detour back to childhood with cries of "I'm just telling you how it is" and "You're just like Dad!"

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